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This website shows arrest & booking information. An arrest record does not mean that the individual has been convicted of any of the crimes listed. Individuals on this website are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. All information related to charges and arrest or booking is obtained through the public domain. 

The information presented on this website should not be relied upon to determine any individual's criminal or conviction record. The data may not reflect current charging decisions made by the State Attorney's Office or the outcome of criminal trials. We reproduce publicly available records but we do not guarantee accuracy of the records as they are maintained by the public services agency or public information source.

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This website contains both copyrighted and non-copyrightable public domain content. We reserve all intellectual property rights for any content which is not in the public domain.

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We reserve the right to terminate your access to our website for any reason, with or without advance notice, at any time. We rarely terminate a user's access to our website however in some cases this action may be warranted.

Lawsuit Threats

We are not in the extortion or defamation business, we simply provide a high level of service to our satisfied customers. To date, we have not lost a single lawsuit and we do not expect that to change any time soon. Before you decide to threaten us, please read & understand the following:

  • Only public domain information & records are published on our website.
  • The content published is factual in nature; it was obtained via a government agency.
  • Many government agencies publish the exact same information online.
  • We are real people too, with real lawyers; please be respectful & reasonable, we will do the same.

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We collect criminal records including arrest data, booking photos, inmate rosters, and sex offender registry information from numerous law enforcement & government agencies - including many local county Sheriff Departments - so that we can present them to you online and for FREE.

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